Frequently Asked Questions

What nature of organisation are you?

KidsPace Code Ltd is a registered Not-For-Profit Company Limited by Guarantee, and a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ABN 33 613 876 26). We are made up of a nation-wide volunteer group of Board of Directors and Advisory Panel, and we will be announcing shortly the names and expertise of those involved. Please come back to our website soon to find out more!

How do you fund your work?

We are reliant on grants and philanthropy to fund the work of KidsPace. For more information on how you may like to support our mission, please contact us.

Are you a regulatory body, or aspiring to become one?

KidsPace Code Ltd is not a regulatory body, nor are we seeking to become one. We fully support the creation of a regulatory body to govern the Dance education sector for the utmost protection of children, and guidance for studio owners and teachers. As part of our advocacy, KidsPace calls for increased recognition by Government to support the formation of this body in order to strengthen the laws and policies encompassing Dance studio ownership and Dance teaching. KidsPace made a submission to the NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the Sexualisation of Children and Young People (March 2016), and we will continue to submit our findings and recommendations to future Inquiries in order to call Governments to action in this area.

Does the KidsPace Dance Code of Practice (DCP) cover mandatory qualifications?

No. The KidsPace DCP is a policy framework and educational tool to promote teaching practices specifically designed to combat the culture of sexualisation and objectification of children. However we maintain a strong belief in the value and necessity of qualifications, and although this is not a requirement of becoming a signatory to the DCP, our recommendations are that studio Owners employ staff who hold a minimum Certificate IV qualification in Dance, Dance Teaching & Management, or equivalent Certificates through Syllabus Associations.

Does the KidsPace Dance Code of Practice require signatories to have undertaken Child Safe Training, or Child Protection Training (CPT)?

Signatories to KidsPace must adhere to all Child Safe laws and reporting obligations as set out by their residing State. For studio owners residing in States and Territories where CPT is not a legal requirement, it is our recommendation that they seek out this training along with all staff and personnel (however this is not a mandatory requirement to becoming a KidsPace signatory). We will be promoting the work of bodies and agencies providing accessible, industry-tailored and reputable CPT options for Dance studios and educators.

Who has contributed to the KidsPace Dance Code of Practice?

The KidsPace Dance Code of Practice is the result of consultation from experts within Arts, Psychology, Law and Education. We will be announcing shortly the names and expertise of those involved in the creation of the KidsPace Dance Code of Practice, so please come back to our website soon.